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  • Snakeskin Alligator

  • Iraq - Are You Volleyball

    A standoff between the inhabitants of a refugee camp and the soldiers on the other side takes an interesting turn when a ball goes astray.

  • Greece - Shadows

    Anna and a long lost lover, Alexandre and his best friend Harris, all of them victims of fate or heroes of their own choices? Contradictions, dilemmas, and intertwined relationships lead to difficult decisions in this brilliantly acted drama from Greece.

  • The Elephants

  • Kurdistan - The Last Embrace

    Filmmaker Saman Hosseinpuor's makes a powerful statement in this film about what is important in life, and how we as adults can lose site of this.

  • MotherLand-H264

  • Italy - Disquiet

    A couple plays a trick on their friends that has unintended consequences. Feelings and desires revolving around prostitution are explored with some surprising results.

  • Iran - In Perspective

    A reluctant killer (played by Persian hunk
    Arshia Zeinali), can't seem to stop killing. Beautifully shot and filmed, another one of many great films coming out of Iran.

  • The Leshy

    A wife must fight against a myth to save her husband from the fast approaching, sadistic, giant.

  • Plasmatics - Documentary Pier 61 NYC 80's

    Jean Beauvoir, the bass player for the Plasmatics has gone into his vault, and personally authorized TransparentDTV to air this rare clip of the Plasmatics on Pier 61 in NYC.

  • Transparent Film Festival Presents Episode 13 - Hat Trick

    From Comic Con in NYC. Clips from films "You Look Great", "Married and Loving It!" and "Dead Water". Special Music Guest Jelly Bean with "Astronaut"

  • Transparent Film Festival Presents Episode 12 Birthday

    Episode 12 Thirst, Hacker, The Tent, Positively Venting, The Elephants, Music by Van Gordon Martin