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True independent cinema from filmmakers around the world

Just Added
  • Syd Where Are We Now 2

  • Romance (Rep. of Georgia)

    From The Republic of Georgia, where family is everything, it is best not to disrespect long standing traditions. A young man finds himself in the midst of a family intrigue, but do they have the right guy?

  • Return From The Stars (Russia)

    Leaving behind a million light years, he returned.
    He had left something here.
    Will he find it...?

  • Disquiet (Italy)

    A couple plays a trick on their friends that has unintended consequences. Feelings and desires revolving around prostitution are explored with some surprising results.

  • Long Gone (England)

    Two girls in the English countryside develop the ability to time travel with an unexpected twist. They can only see murders. Eventually, the murderers.... can see them.

  • Shadows (Greece)

    Anna and a long lost lover, Alexandre and his best friend Harris, all of them victims of fate or heroes of their own choices? Contradictions, dilemmas, and intertwined relationships lead to difficult decisions in this brilliantly acted drama from Greece.

  • The Fruitful (Ireland)

    From Ireland, a cinematic painting about a couple facing a difficult challenge.

  • The Broadcast (Russia) - 2020 Winner Best Mobile

    A brutal coming of age tale as seen through the lenses of various mobile phones.

  • Forgotten Alive (Greece)

    The lines between reality and fantasy are blurred in this thriller about the effects of social media

  • What Remains (France)

    A man suffers from PTSD and his family along with him.

  • The Elephants (Sweden) - 2020 Winner Best Foreign Film

    4 seemingly unrelated events all have one thing in common...

  • Dagny (Norway)

    A woman takes a bus to the sanitarium.

  • La Herencia de Marti (Spain)

    A woman has a complicated relationship with her step-mother.

  • Hoek's Delta (Venezuela)

    A day spent with friends goes horribly wrong after they head home.


    A young woman struggles to find her own way in life while helping a neighborhood friend retrieve something of value. But in a community of debt and broken dreams, possessing anything of value complicates the lives of anyone in its orbit.