Middle Eastern Cinema

Middle Eastern Cinema

Middle Eastern Cinema

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Middle Eastern Cinema
  • Iran - Asheng

    Four woman try to plead for their husbands' release after they are arrested for drug possession

  • Iran - Last Season English Subtitles

    Theatrical vignettes from Tehran

  • Iran - Brotherhood

    An unprecedented, surprising and candid look inside one of Tehran's Religious Schools

  • The Dome Of The Universe

    A scenic tour of Iran by air along with dazzling footage of it's historic places and people.

  • Mesteka and Rehan

    An unconventional love story set in Cairo.

  • In Perspective

    (Iran) A reluctant killer (played by Persian hunk Arshia Zeinali), can't seem to stop killing. Beautifully shot and filmed, another one of many great films coming out of Iran.

  • Syria - Breath

    The refugee crisis in Syria has had devastating effects on people of all walks of life. But it doesn't change their humanity.

  • The Last Embrace

    (Kurdistan) Filmmaker Saman Hosseinpuor's makes a powerful statement in this film about what is important in life, and how we as adults can lose site of this.

  • Are You Volleyball

    A standoff between the inhabitants of a refugee camp and the soldiers on the other side takes an interesting turn when a ball goes astray.

  • The Hunt

    Two men go out fishing and their lives are forever changed.

  • Ako

    In Tehran’s grand Bazaar, every product has a story and every porter has a secret.