The best of the best true independent films from around the world. No studios, no slick marketing, just independent filmmakers shedding their blood, sweat and tears to tell you their amazing stories.

In this program:
Minor Key (Spain) 11:49
Blue Tomorrow (Turkey) 14:53
Fling (Canada) 5:31
Fishnet and the Fish (Iran) 8:37
Home at Last (China) 14:58
DML (United Kingdom) 4:00

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6 Videos

  • Iraq - Are You Volleyball

    A standoff between the inhabitants of a refugee camp and the soldiers on the other side takes an interesting turn when a ball goes astray.

  • Iran - Brotherhood

    An unprecedented, surprising and candid look inside one of Tehran's Religious Schools

  • Iran - The Hunt

    Two men go out fishing and their lives are forever changed.

  • Syria - Breath

    The refugee crisis in Syria has had devastating effects on people of all walks of life. But it doesn't change their humanity.

  • Iran - In Perspective

    A reluctant killer (played by Persian hunk
    Arshia Zeinali), can't seem to stop killing. Beautifully shot and filmed, another one of many great films coming out of Iran.

  • Iran - The Dome Of The Universe

    A scenic tour of Iran by air along with dazzling footage of it's historic places and people.