True Indie

True Indie

Emerging filmmakers from around the world serve up the best in True Indie.

True Indie
  • Shadows

    Anna and a long lost lover, Alexandre and his best friend Harris, all of them victims of fate or heroes of their own choices? Contradictions, dilemmas, and intertwined relationships lead to difficult decisions in this brilliantly acted drama from Greece.

  • To Kill A Truth

    A systemic journalist, who has selected to serve political agendas and not the public interest, as the journalistic ethics dictate, is kidnapped by a group of activists and transferred by force to a remote location, where it becomes apparent that his life is in danger. After he is informed about ...

  • Birthday Boy

    An abusive dad gets his just desserts on his birthday.

  • The Fruitful

    From Ireland, a cinematic painting about a couple facing a difficult challenge.

  • The Dome Of The Universe

    A scenic tour of Iran by air along with dazzling footage of it's historic places and people.

  • Hoek's Delta

    (Venezuela) A day spent with friends goes horribly wrong after they head home.

  • House Of Redemption

    A young woman is forced to face her own horrible truth on a weekend trip.

  • Mayonnaise

    "Contestants" wake up to find themselves in a nearly impossible situation.