The best in True Indie including Shorts, Features, Performance and Documentary from new filmmakers around the world.

  • The Last Embrace (Kurdistan)

    Filmmaker Saman Hosseinpuor's makes a powerful statement in this film about what is important in life, and how we as adults can lose site of this.

  • Shadows (Greece)

    Anna and a long lost lover, Alexandre and his best friend Harris, all of them victims of fate or heroes of their own choices? Contradictions, dilemmas, and intertwined relationships lead to difficult decisions in this brilliantly acted drama from Greece.

  • Three Trees

    Three poignant portrayals of people, each coming to grips with realities from which they can no longer escape. Beautifully shot, with masterful performances from an up and coming cast.

  • NYC Bands Past & Present Episode 1

    Get a candid look at the New York City bands past and present who live for music. From vintage clips at clubs that are long gone, to concert and behind the scenes footage of today, this is a show you won't want to miss.

    In this first episode, we visit CBGB, Don Hill's and Webster Hall with 54 ...

  • The Fruitful (Ireland)

    From Ireland, a cinematic painting about a couple facing a difficult challenge.

  • Iraq - Are You Volleyball

    A standoff between the inhabitants of a refugee camp and the soldiers on the other side takes an interesting turn when a ball goes astray.

  • Duct Tape

    Dark humor abounds in this macabre tale about an argument gone wrong and its aftermath.

  • Minor Key - Spain

    A seemingly normal man is making dinner, but one guest is missing.

  • Long Gone (England)

    Two girls in the English countryside develop the ability to time travel with an unexpected twist. They can only see murders. Eventually, the murderers.... can see them.

  • Syria - Breath

    The refugee crisis in Syria has had devastating effects on people of all walks of life. But it doesn't change their humanity.

  • Iran - In Perspective

    A reluctant killer (played by Persian hunk
    Arshia Zeinali), can't seem to stop killing. Beautifully shot and filmed, another one of many great films coming out of Iran.

  • MAGA

    Two killers quibble about politics on the way to a hit.

    Is it business as usual for these two friends with different points of view? And how far will they go to defend them?

  • Egypt - Mesteka & Rehan

    An unconventional love story set in Cairo.

  • Disquiet (Italy)

    A couple plays a trick on their friends that has unintended consequences. Feelings and desires revolving around prostitution are explored with some surprising results.

  • Iran - The Hunt

    Two men go out fishing and their lives are forever changed.