The best in True Indie including Shorts, Features, Performance and Documentary from new filmmakers around the world.

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    A young man with a chip on his shoulder falls victim to the odds against him.

  • Return From The Stars (Russia)

    Leaving behind a million light years, he returned.
    He had left something here.
    Will he find it...?

  • The Blue Marble

    A group of souls await their planetary assignments after the big bang.

  • The Holdout

    Two angels work to help a young man find true love.

  • Iraq - Are You Volleyball

    A standoff between the inhabitants of a refugee camp and the soldiers on the other side takes an interesting turn when a ball goes astray.


    A young woman struggles to find her own way in life while helping a neighborhood friend retrieve something of value. But in a community of debt and broken dreams, possessing anything of value complicates the lives of anyone in its orbit.